Communication: 2 years old

“Just wait for the ‘terrible two’s’”, people say. There is some truth to that, for sure, because the 2-3 year range can be pretty challenging. However, there are also some delightful aspects of two year olds that we think get under-regarded!

The minds of two year olds are rapidly expanding and their vocabulary is often exploding! Even as I’m typing a two year old is asking me about the world and expressing his imagination! This is the age they can begin to ask questions and even use a few word sentences. We can either be frustrated by their constant ‘nagging for our attention’ or we can receive this stage and engage with them as they are learning.

This is a great time to (continue to) read books with your little one. Ideally, you will have been reading the same books over the past two years so hopefully you can pause and let your little one fill in the words they know by now!

You can also incorporate music into their language at this age. Try to imitate the sound of a car as it zooms by. Then make the sound of a train. And an ambulance. You can also incorporate barns into this phase and teach kiddos the sounds of various animals!

Continue to help your child learn to attend to a task (stay with a specific task) for longer periods of time. Engage with them in games and see if you can extend the period of time they stay in tune with you. Most of all, try to have some fun!!