Developmental Milestones: Opinions and Wills

The dreaded “NO” comes out of your toddlers’ mouth for the first time and you are shocked!  How could my baby say such a thing!?  Surely it wasn’t me that taught her that awful word?  Well, chances are that they did hear it from us!  We try so hard not to say it to them, but we still do...or a sibling lets them in on the secret!  We try not to overreact on the off chance that they think it’s funny and start repeating it, but it’s so hard to know what to do.  When toddlers are around 18 months - 2 years old, their wills really begin to develop.  Often, this can be during the same time period that you are transitioning to a toddler bed or big kid bed.  The added layer of having their opinions thrown into the mix can be very difficult.  We always recommend coming up with a game plan with your partner, if you have one, and sticking to it!  No matter what the toddler throws at you, you know you can remain consistent to their threats and wills!