Daycare Rhythms: 0-2 Years Old

Earlier this week, we talked about establishing new rhythms at home when a Nanny joins in on the caregiving.  Today, I wanted to speak to the mamas and papas who will be taking their little one to daycare this fall.  If this is your first time to take your little one and drop them off somewhere, I know how scary this can be for the parents.  I took my son to daycare for the first time last year and felt ALL THE FEELINGS as I dropped him off. 

If you read my post from Tuesday, I would encourage a slower transition similar to when a nanny begins.  You can go to the daycare with your little one, meet the teachers, walk around, show them where they will sleep, etc.  I would encourage you to narrate as you go so that your little one can hear your voice as you talk about each area of the daycare.  Take pictures of the daycare/your little one's teachers and bring them home to show your little one for the weeks leading up to drop off. 

You can also think through the items you might want to bring to daycare to help it feel more similar to home.  Do you need to bring a portable white noise?  Do you need his/her favorite pacifiers?  A special lovey or bottle? Anything you can do to help them feel more comfortable is great!

Lastly, make sure you think through the new rhythms in the morning and evening.  As everyone is getting ready for the day and trying to get out of the house, it can get chaotic.  Talk with your partner about who will be getting the baby up/dressing the baby/feeding the baby/etc.  Discuss who will be doing drop off and who will be doing pickup.  If you haven't downloaded the Cozi app (this post is not sponsored), I would recommend it!  You can color coordinate responsibilities and completely be on the same page with your partner.  Good luck daycare mamas & papas, you'll do great!