Home Rhythms: 0-2 Years Old

This post is for our mamas and papas who might be headed back to work for the very first time since your little one joined the family! We know how much anxiety can be felt as you prepare to leave your little one either with a nanny or at a daycare for the very first time.  We obviously are not psychologists, but we would suggest spending an afternoon journaling (regarding this transition) and processing through all of the what if's.

Here are a few thoughts we have for those mamas & papas who have a new nanny joining your little one at home this fall.  If you are looking for a nanny, you can check out websites like care.com (this post is not sponsored) or ask in one of your mommy & me groups.  There is also the possibility of nanny-sharing if you are working a few longer shifts or part time. 

Once you have hired your nanny, you can have them over for a few initial dates with you/your little one.  Play together the three of you.  Let the nanny be around as you feed your baby, diaper change and put them down.  Then the next date, let your nanny do it with you.  Then the next date, let the nanny do the tasks while you are home.  Then, have a day where you go out (but are close to home) and let the nanny do it alone.  This slow progression might be nice for your mama heart and also for your little one as he/she adjusts.

Take a photo of your nanny with your little one and talk about the nanny with your little one/show them their picture throughout each day between the play dates.  Talk with your baby about the changes coming and how excited you are for them to get to receive love from another new friend!