Fall Rhythms: Mama & Papa & Caregivers

As fall is upon us, so become the busy schedules, late school nights and weekend activities for the kiddos.  We find it is even more important to schedule time for date nights for the parents, moments for self care, etc!  We recommend taking an evening the week before the new month and spend some time thinking through your own goals as a couple for that month.  Think through which tasks you want to complete, how you want to schedule out time for one another and also time together. Looking at the month as a whole can set you up for success to accomplish what you hope to accomplish!

Then, each Sunday evening, you can zero in on the week.  Who's going to drop off the kiddos?  Who's going to pick them up?  Who's going to do the grocery shopping this week?  When are you going to have a date night, etc? Take some time each Sunday to talk through what your plans are for the week, keeping in mind the goals you set at the start of the month.  We wish you Mamas, Papas + Caregivers a successful fall start!!