Fall Rhythms: Preschool

Ah, preschool!  So exciting, isn't it?!  When my kids started preschool, it felt like such a big step towards becoming a 'big kid'.  As you prepare to look for a preschool, it is helpful to stop and think about what you would hope for your kiddos in preschool.  Are you ready for them to start learning letters/numbers/colors/etc?  Do you want them to be exposed to another language?  Would you rather them spend more time playing?  What hours do you need as you think about preschool? Is there a price point you were hoping for?  Once you have your vision for which preschool format would best suite your little one, then you can start touring/getting on waitlists/etc.

Once you know which preschool you've been accepted to, then you can begin to think through which items you need to take with you.  Do you need to find a new backpack?  A special water bottle?  Do you need to send extra clothes, pull ups or a nap mat?  If you need any recommendations, let us know!

Again, we would encourage you to take some photos of the preschool when you go for the parent introductory meeting.  You can bring them home, print them off and make a little book with your child.  They can color around the pictures as you explain to them what each page is about.  You can read it for a week or two before they begin!