Unique Challenges: Strong-willed Spirit

Meet Michelle and her son:

What are the unique challenges that you have on a daily basis in the setting you live in?

One main challenge we are facing with our son is his strong willed spirit; wanting to be independent but his emotions take over.  If something doesn’t go as he planned it’s quite dramatic and I find myself comforting him all day.  After comforting him my husband and I try to let him know that it’s ok to try, and try again. But, our son has learned the dreaded word “I can’t”.

How does your child respond to these challenges?

He gets extremely frustrated and will growl with anger and turn bright red.  He will continue to try but I can see how frustrated he gets until his task is complete. 

Do any of these challenges affect your child’s sleep?

At times, yes!  He will remember what happened and tell me all about it.  If my husband comes home late from work he will ask to speak to him to tell him what happened, THEN go to sleep. But, sometimes at this point it’s an hour or so past bedtime.  We are working on calling daddy and letting him know that way our son can feel comforted right away.  We value his rest. 😂

Have you used Sleepy cues’ services Before? How did it help you face any of these challenges?

Yes, and I always remember how Jenn and Robin speak about consistency.  We try very hard to stay consistent.  It can be difficult with a dictating toddler but it works.  We have an incredible “Manny” that works with our consistency and that has been VERY helpful.


We are so thankful that Michelle shared some insight into her daily struggles with her strong willed child.  We know she is not alone in that struggle!  And, Michelle is so right in how consistency can help these strong, spirited children the most...especially in regards to sleep.  You are one brave momma, Michelle!