Unique Challenges: Military/foster family

Meet Julie and her kids:

What are the unique challenges that you have on a daily basis in the setting you live in? 

I am a foster mom, and I live with my husband and two babies in a military community.  We love the unique blessings of our life, but we also have some unique challenges.  My kids have therapy, court, meetings, surprise visits from caseworkers, visitation with parents, and other weekly schedule interruptions that we need to work around.  The military lifestyle means that my husband is often working long hours or out of town.  Fortunately, the foster and military communities stick together, so we have lots of support. 

How do your children respond to these challenges?  Do any of these challenges affect your children’s sleep? 

Babies and kids from traumatic backgrounds thrive on lots of structure and routine, so we try to stick to a schedule as much as possible.  When we get off track because a training explosion on post wakes them up from a nap or because we have to pick up a teenager late at night from the CPS office, we try to help them be flexible by keeping as many things consistent as we can.  Our kids don’t exactly roll with the punches, but they are getting more and more flexible as they grow!

Have you use Sleepy Cues’ services before? How did it help you face any of those challenges?

We have utilized Sleepy Cues’ wisdom twice, and those consultations have been so helpful!  They helped us come up with ways to adjust our foster baby’s schedule when he was spending two evenings a week out of the house for visitation, and they encouraged us to keep sound machines in our kids’ rooms to help block out the helicopter and explosive noises on post. Because they looked at the big picture of our family life they were able to help us manage a lot of our unique challenges, and I’m so grateful!  I recommend them to every sleep-deprived military mom and foster mom I know (which is basically all of us).


Thanks so much Julie for sharing some of your unique challenges with us!  You are one strong and caring momma to your babies and we are so glad we were able to support your family!