Unique Challenges: Life in the car

Jenn Haskew, co founder of Sleepy Cues, LLC, shares about her life on the go with her little one!

What are the unique challenges that you have on a daily basis in the setting you live in?

One of the unique challenges, that is likely not limited to Los Angeles, that I encounter in my life with my little one is being frequently on the go in the car.  Whether it is in the early mornings as I pop by the chiropractor on my way to teach a fitness class or in the afternoons when I am helping do school pickup for another mama ... I find that it is challenging to schedule my little one's sleep around the commitments I have as a part-time working Mama.  I also struggle with the traffic in Los Angeles (hum drum!) and the stop-n-go in the car as we drive.  None of my little ones have ever been fans of the car, nor sleeping in the car, so being amidst traffic with a baby protesting their time in the car definitely presents itself challenging!    

How does your child respond to these challenges?

Thankfully, he has grown in his love (ha!) of the car.  As a newborn, I avoided driving at all costs so my little one would not get overworked.  However, we slowly progressed over time and his tolerance grew.  Now that he is older, he is able to enjoy looking out the window and seeing other cars as we are driving. 

Do any of these challenges affect your child's sleep?

Yes!  Being on the go definitely affects his sleep paired with the traffic/driving conundrum.  When he was younger, I would get to places ridiculously early so that he could nap before my appointment/meeting/etc.  I knew he wouldn't nap in the car so it was the best alternative I could come up with so we didn't lose our minds :).  I also babywear quite frequently, which my little one loved!  This gave us lots of freedom so we could be both on the go but not messing with his sleep.  You guys know I think sleep is important!

Have you used Sleepy Cues' services before?

Haha!  Why yes ... I have.  I truly do believe in the philosophy we have so even though I have my own flavor of our tools/daily rhythms, I do use Sleepy Cues services every day ;)