The Nesting Days Carrier

The Nesting Days carrier is a perfect carrier for those early days with baby.  For babies up to 18 lbs, this carrier encourages skin-to-skin contact. Whether you birthed your baby or are bringing a new foster/adopted baby into your family, skin-to-skin is so important for both baby and Mama. 

Noted from their website, "wearing our skin-to-skin newborn carrier boosts oxytocin levels and lowers cortisol (science talk for more love and less stress), and increases prolactin, for better milk production and greater breastfeeding success. It also promotes healthy attachment and bonding, because the nesting days are when these begin. Newborns need help regulating their own temperature (since they aren’t in that cozy womb anymore!), and mom or daddy’s skin is the perfect heater for their tiny bodies. "

This carrier was created by a postpartum doula and is made out of light-weight fabric inspired by yoga wear.  You can wear the carrier as a shirt, even out and about!  One of the questions I hear often about babywearing is 'don't you get so hot?'  I wore my bigger baby around with the Nesting Days carrier on and was surprised at how cool I felt!  If you are expecting a little one soon, we would recommend checking out the Nesting Days website for more information.