Introduction to Ring Slings

We have spent the month going through a variety of baby wearing methods and this brings us to our last carrier that we will share about: the Ring Sling!  Here is a picture of me the very first time I wore a ring sling: 

I had never heard of a ring sling before but a friend of mine had this one and lent it to me.  I was a little intimidated at first (it seemed a tad more complicated than the Ergo carrier) but with a quick search on the internet, I was able to find out how it is to be worn.

One of the things I loved about the ring sling was how fashionable it looked.  I loved the various fabrics you could find and I loved the texture of the material.  While the other carrier I had was big & bulky, this one looked feminine and fun. 

I also loved how compact the ring sling got.  I could fold it up and stick it in my diaper bag so that if I needed to bring it out if my baby got fussy, I could.  I didn't have to worry about a larger carrier.

I found that this carrier was my favorite for the 3-7 month age range.  I, personally, loved the Moby from 0-2/3 months old and then I switched over to the ring sling.  I still felt most comfortable if I kept one hand on my baby's head while he was in the carrier.  But overall, I found it to be light weight, chic, and easy to maneuver!  We will be sharing a few more pictures of caregivers with the ring sling over here on Thursday.  See you, then!