Woven Wraps

There are many reasons why Mamas + Papas choose to wear woven wraps.  First off, there are so many to choose from!!  Woven wraps, to me, are hands down the most beautiful of the carrier options. No two of them necessarily look alike so you can truly personalize your carrier.  The other benefit of woven wraps is that there are a MILLION ways to wear them.  This can also be a drawback because sometimes the learning curve can be a challenge.  However, if you search on Youtube you can find lots of Moms who have helpful tutorial videos on how to wear a woven wrap. The other main drawback we hear about woven wraps is that they can be hot. This would be something to take into consideration as you choose the fabric of your wrap.  

Robin and I both have a special woven wrap that we are saving as heirlooms in our family.  These wraps are not only gorgeous but they are long lasting.  If you have never used a woven wrap before, we recommend connecting with a friend who has one and giving it a go!  If you find that it is something you love, then you can make the investment and have it for generations to come!