The Ergobaby Carrier

The very first carrier I heard about when I began babywearing was the Ergobaby carrier.  A friend of mine had raised her two daughters and gifted her Ergobaby carrier to my husband and I.  We did not know much about babywearing but when I found myself with two 3 month old foster babies, I knew I needed some help!

The Ergobaby carrier was perfect.  For the early days, there was an infant insert that I could add to keep my little one's positioning comfortable for him and me.  As he grew, he quickly could be in the carrier without the insert.  What I loved most about the Ergobaby carrier was how sturdy it felt.  There was a hood, a strong support around my waist/back, and thick straps that made the whole structure feel secure.  

Now Ergobaby offers a wide variety of carriers to fit your specific desires.  And some of the carriers allow you to babywear up to 45 lbs!  You can wear the baby on your side, on your back, on the front or forward facing - all depending on which carrier you choose.  Later this week, we will be sharing a few more pictures of mamas + babies with the Ergobaby carrier!