Unique Challenges: Multiple kiddos

Meet Robin Brient, co founder of Sleepy Cues, LLC:

What are the unique challenges that you have on a daily basis in the setting you live in?

One of the biggest challenges we face with having 3 kids within a 6 year age gap is trying to keep the big kids occupied and quiet for our youngest son's 2-3 hour nap each day. Thankfully my oldest is at school most days, but weekends can be a challenge when my husbands work schedule is busy. We use ipad time and try to do quiet crafts, but sometimes, they just have energy to burn!

Living in the city in a condo with a small yard space is also challenging, as I can't just throw them outside to run off energy!

How does your child respond to these challenges?

They often times comply to the quiet environment, however, sometimes they get stir crazy and wild.  This adds to mommas stress and can be a combustion of feelings at times!

Do any of these challenges affect your child’s sleep?

Thankfully, we get a lot of quiet rest during the day and lots of playtime in the afternoon outside (Thank you California!), so we get to bed by 7pm each day and they are nice and tired. 

How have Sleepy Cues’ philosophies helped you face any of these challenges?

Since Jenn and I both believe sleep begets sleep and have routines and rhythms that aid this philosophy, I have a well rested 19 month old who sleeps 12-13 hours per night and 2-3 hours during the day! It really helps to have a content toddler when I have 2 big kids who require more attention at times!