Unique Challenges: Twins in the City

Meet Dominique and her twins:

What are the unique challenges that you have on a daily basis in the setting you live in?

Living in Los Angeles is so fun but certainly comes with challenges! It's easy to get caught up in the rush and chaos of living in a big city. Traffic makes it very hard to plan events around the city. A 15 mile drive can take an hour at many points in the day!

How do your kids respond to these challenges?

Our kiddos respond differently to the challenges of the city. Our son loves the car, our daughter hates it. Our daughter loves being out and playing, our son is easily over stimulated. Sometimes its tricky to find balance with things that will provide both kids the structure and security they need to flourish in Los Angeles.

Do any of these challenges affect your child’s sleep?

We found that sometime the overestimation of lots of people, noise etc. was very trying on our kids sleep and ultimately their moods. Additionally, trying to implement a consistent sleep schedule makes enjoying the city very tricky! So visiting a museum, even if it's only 15 miles away, becomes challenging when dealing with potentially an hour of traffic, or waiting until traffic has died down and still trying to get home for nap time or bedtime routine. 

Have you used Sleepy cues’ services Before? How did it help you face any of these challenges?

Partnering with Sleepy Cues gave me different perspective on how I should be viewing my children's sleep schedule. A lot of the time (because sleep was ALLL over the place) we napped in the car on the way to or from an outing. The ladies at Sleepy Cues suggested that we start napping the babies at home. It was hard to give up the freedom of my loose schedule but wow, consistent nap time sleep at home has improved moods and nighttime sleep so very much! I'm also realizing that napping at home has become a sort of protective factor for me. It forces me to not fill in every minute of time and offers time at home to tend to tasks...including self care! There will be a season again where we can go out adventuring for long days in our city but for now establishing good sleep routines is the most important thing for the long term health of our family.