Spreading the Mama/Papa LOVE

As Mamas and Papas, we've got to band together in this parenting gig. On this last post of the month of LOVE, we wanted to challenge you to share the LOVE with another Mama or Papa in your circle. A few years ago, I took my little guy and we went to spend some time with his birth mommy.  We had a blast swapping stories.  I loved getting to ask questions about his birth and she loved getting to hear about the new words he was saying. 

It is hard enough on our own being parents and when we pin ourselves against one another, it only makes it more challenging!  Perhaps you can give a compliment to another Mama when you notice her being awesome.  Or encourage another Papa in the grocery store when he's being goofy with his kiddos. Offer to take a big sister/brother of a newborn who joined your friend's family.  Whatever you think of, we'd encourage you to intentionally try to share the LOVE with another Mama or Papa as we close out this month!