Spring Cleaning: Finding a Place

As the seasons physically begin to change around me outdoors, one of my favorite things to do is change some of what it looks like on the inside of my house as well.  Be it clothes, toys, outdoor gear or whatever,  I find it helpful to bring it all out, make a big mess and then put it back in the areas it belongs.  In places like NY, Denver, and even some in Los Angeles, the new season brings on a whole new wardrobe.  Rather than shoving all the jackets and boots into the bottom of my closet, I like to find a space for it; preferably a space I don't have to interact with each day!!

For my kiddos, I've found that the Spring is a great time to rotate out some of their toys too.  At our house, we don't prefer to keep ALL the toys out ALL the time.  So Patrick takes the kiddos to the park for the afternoon and I do a little switch-a-roo in the closets.  What is something you want to clean out or rearrange before the Summer is upon us?!