Spring Break Travel Ideas 2

In our previous post, we shared how traveling with friends for spring break is a great way to keep things low key and fun for the whole family.  Another getaway we love to take with babies and big kids alike is a classic beach trip.  Even though you may have a short flight or a drive, it's easy to get to a beach within a few hour flight!  The thing we love about beach trips, is that you can have a rental home/airbnb/hotel on the water and have a short distance to the fun!  The baby can nap in the pack n play while one adult rests, and the other one can take the rest of the family down to play in the water.  You can cook/eat in the house and not have to spend as much on food eating out, too!  The big kids always get a ton of energy out while playing in the ocean which makes for a restful nights' sleep for everyone!