Two Babies in Tow

For whatever reason, I thought it would be a good idea to fly home by myself with two 6 month olds.  It was a holiday break and I was missing my family like crazy so I decided to just do it.  We got court approval, I read over the document Robin had sent me explaining how to fly with an infant, and I headed for the airport.  My dad graciously flew from Texas, to Los Angeles, to help me fly back with them.  The only problem was my {foster} babies hadn't met "Grand pa pa" yet so they did not know him.  My dad was doing everything he could to help but they would get upset when I got out of view. I remember at one point walking down the aisle holding a baby on each hip and just walking to calm them.  It wasn't so funny at the time but it is a funny story in hindsight!!

The next week it was time to travel home.  This time I was going to do it alone and I was nervous.  I had one in the carseat and one in the ergo and when I got to the security line, the lady said, "You're flying alone with two babies?!  Is that even allowed?"  Yes, yes it is.  Could you please help me?! I thought. I took out one baby, held said baby while wearing the other, put the carseat through the scanner, and scooted the stroller through the metal detector.  People were gawking like I was a circus; I sure felt like one! Thankfully, once we got settled on the flight, I had one sleeping baby on me and one sleeping baby in his carseat. It was dreamy.  

I share these two stories to say that traveling is always an adventure filled with ups and downs.  My husband and I try to take lots of deep breaths, have a good sense of humor, apologize to neighboring passengers when necessary, and remember that it is just a gift to get to be with family.  If you are looking for some holiday travel tips, check us out on Instagram for more information in the coming weeks!