Setting Expectations

Something that is very important prior to embarking on holiday travel are the many expectations that are assumed before leaving.  When traveling with any number of children, there just isn’t that same travel relaxation vibe, right?!  One week before the trip, sit down with (or call) any adults who will be a part of the travel process or who will be helping out at your destination.  Here are a few taking points that can help set appropriate expectations. 

1. Talk about what time you will leave for the airport or set out on your drive.  Talk about directions (if needed) and where/when you will stop for food.  Do you have any food you need to pack for the kids?

2. Talk about when/where your kids will nap during the travel time. Will you or your partner babywear?  Who will be responsible for the luggage and who will watch after the kids, etc. 

3. What are the sleeping arrangements at your destination? Do they need to be prepared before you arrive?  Can grandparents/family help out in any way upon your arrival?

4. Who will handle any unexpected night wakings during your travels?  What will be your response?

5. Talk through when each adult can have some down time/alone time away from the kids on your trip!

We hope these will set everyone up for success!!