Rhythms of Thankfulness

As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, we wanted to throw out a few ideas of how you can weave thankfulness into the rhythms of your family.  One year, that looked like my family creating a tree trunk out of construction paper and cutting out paper leaves.  Each day we would write something we were grateful for and tape it to the paper tree trunk.  By the time it was thanksgiving, we had a beautiful, lush tree of thankfulness!

Perhaps it can be over meal time, you can go around the table and say one thing you are grateful for from that day.  Or in a journal, you can write down five things you found joy in that day.  

Whether capturing our gratefulness in tree form, written in chalk on a chalkboard or scribbled in a journal, it is so important to practice gratefulness.  It is a rhythm that we desire to have in both of our families as do so many of you.