Let's finish the year strong!

Hey there, Mamas and Papas.  We know how difficult this post-Thanksgiving pre-holiday break time of year can be.  But we believe in you!! Only a couple more weeks of making school lunches, setting out clothes, homework races before bedtime and soccer games on the weekends.  It will be the holidays before you know it.

We wanted to take a moment today to encourage you to think of two things you can do this next month, December, to finish the year strong.  What are two activities you've been wanting to do with the kids?  A special date with the spouse that never happened?  A book you wanted to read?  A suitcase you finally want to unpack?  Whatever it is, we want to encourage you to just do it.  So many of us wait until January to meet our goals but we know if you pick two things and complete them before the year, you will have so much momentum going into the NewYear!