2018 Babies?!

Do any of you guys have new babies arriving some time in 2018?  We are thinking of you today!  As new rhythms begin and old rhythms change this next year, we wanted to take moment to remind you that it is never too early to start preparing for the transition.  In our adult lives, we often can transition through seasons with more ease. However, for our little loves, sometimes it takes more time and (literal) practice.  

If you have littles who are about to become big sisters/brothers, have you considered getting a little doll for them to begin practicing on?  The baby could be 'their special baby' and only you (your kid) get to change their diaper, feed them or soothe them.'  Kiddos tend to love getting to do jobs/having responsibility, so find a way to make it fun for them! If you have a new little one coming early 2018, we'd encourage you to begin now to teach some of the newborn rules with your kids in a fun way!