Sharing the LOVE with our Kiddos

As much as we love self care and partner care here at Sleepy Cues, we also think it is so important to share that LOVE with the kids, too!  What are things that each of your kiddos like to do?  We have found that the more we can fill their 'love buckets' with times of play in a way they enjoy, the easier it goes when we must make a withdrawal later.  We encourage our clients to intentionally find time to do an activity that their kiddo enjoys, just for the sake of having fun!  Is it swinging on the swings?  Drawing fun pictures?  Getting ice cream?  Going on a bike ride?  Doing a craft? Playing chase?  We challenge you to find 10 minutes each day this week reserved to simply share the LOVE with your kiddo by doing something THEY love to do!