The Importance of Self Care

As a foster mama, there are many times that I find myself looking in the mirror and saying, 'Jenn, you are a brave woman.  You have been equipped for this and you can do this.'  I am sure in all of our lives we can think of areas where we have to operate outside of our normal personality or use up all of our executive functioning.  In my own life I have found that, especially in seasons that are taxing in those two areas, I have got to provide time for self care.  This is an area that I am NOT good at reserving time for.  I cannot count the number of times that everyone will have eaten and I will be downing scraps off the kids plates.  In certain seasons with kiddos we have had in the past, even getting nourishing food and drinking water was self care I neglected.  After they were in rest time or in bed, I would scrounge down whatever food I could find.

My hope for this week is that we can spark a few ideas for you guys (and for us!) so that we can have a self care rhythm that is not quite so all or nothing.  I think it is important to incorporate small joys into each day, bigger joys into each week and larger joys within each year.  As we have times of self care, we are better equipped to care for others, to meet the demands of the day, and to be brave.