Rhythms of Remembrance

As a foster parent, I (Jenn) am required to make life books for each of my kiddos while they are living with me.  I often think of what a privilege it is that I get to share this time with the babies.  I feel the weight of being the only one to see them take their first steps, try their first foods, etc.  I want to capture it in photo form so their future forever families can always have the stories to tell.  

I (Robin) love to capture my children’s years in a photo book.  This past year I spent 8 hours one Saturday trying to make five books from the previous years. After that experience, I decided that each month, I would sit down and catalogue what we did that month.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or homemade; I use an online site where I can just put photos in the pre-filled boxes.  It really doesn’t take much; but it is such a special gift we can give our kids long after we are gone.