Rhythms of Celebration

Who else loves to party?! We sure do. Celebrating is a large part of the fabric of both of our families.  We love to recognize family accomplishments, milestones and brave steps we have taken. Many times, as parents or partners, we think celebratory thoughts of someone else but we fail to say them out loud.  A few years ago, my husband crossed a career milestone that I knew I wanted to recognize in a big way.  He had been in the VFX industry for ten years and I wanted to celebrate his hard work!  A friend painted a large backdrop with photos from every movie he had worked on and there was even a cotton candy machine!  It was a special way to show my husband how proud of him I was and it felt so great to celebrate.  We encourage all of our families to weave celebration into the fabric of their family culture.  What’s one way you can celebrate this month?