Syncing up Family Rhythms

Trying to schedule family rhythms has me wanting to make a face like this, doesn't it for you?! It so often feels like our rhythms are a set of dominoes and if one gets out of whack, the others come tumbling down, too.  If something goes wrong in the morning, then our ‘whole day is ruined.’  We know this is not true but it just feels like it on most days; especially when you are integrating so many moving parts. We believe in the value of integrating all rhythms, but specifically, eating and sleeping.  Sleeping and eating are intertwined in adults and even more so in children.  When babies are born, eating and sleeping rhythms can be established in a healthy way.  This looks different in each family.  We love to come alongside families and ensure that babies/children are getting both enough food and enough sleep so they can grow.  We will talk in the next two posts about some of the rhythms of sleeping and eating that we see.