Rhythms of Preparation

Whether you count yourselves as such or not, all of you mamas and papas are really all CEOs of a business called: your family.  Your company might include 3 people or 10 people but either way we believe preparation is the key to success.  Food preparation was my (Jenn) biggest struggle when I had three kiddos in my home.  It seemed like everyone wanted something else or had various dietary needs.  I found it helpful to take Sunday afternoons and knock out my food prep for the week.  Even though I just have one baby in my home now, I still do this practice.  The best part of integrating rhythms of preparation is that ideally one day they will feel so normal/natural you won’t even think about them.  What areas in life are the biggest headache for you?  Is there a strategy you could put into place to help elevate some of the struggle?