The Importance of Sleep: Unique Family Rhythms

For our final post in this series of why sleep is important, we want to talk about unique family rhythms.  Before our clients are given rhythms and routines that we think will work for them, we always have them fill out a detailed intake form to give us an idea of what their current routines are like.  Many important things to consider are if you drive to work and need time to get there and get home.   Other rhythms might include school pick up and drop off for older kiddos.  Do you have any weekly recurring commitments such as a work out class or book club?  All of these scheduling considerations are important to look at as you are designing a new routine for your baby to follow.  We love to set babies up for success and a big part of that is knowing the family schedules ahead of time so we can help you plan around those.  So take some time to write down those things that are important to you so you can be prepared to get some consistent sleep!