The Importance of Sleep: Rhythms

We all know how much our adult bodies thrive when we have consistent and predictable sleep patterns.  This is even more important for babies.  When babies have routines that they can expect before and after sleeping times, they can easily adapt to life outside the womb.  We often make it difficult for babies when we constantly troubleshoot and try to soothe them in different ways, instead of establishing a routine for them.  We often times think that they will just sleep when they need to sleep or they will show us when they are tired.  Some easy going infants might fall asleep without much soothing, however, most babies have their moments that reveal they maybe aren't actually able self establish a rhythm. Raise a hand if you have been there?! We know we have.  So remember, it's easy to start establishing rhythms for babies even right after they come out of the womb.  Don't hesitate to begin thinking of the cues you want to give your baby that it is time to sleep in your home!