Siblings: Sleep Rhythms

When you have multiple children in your family that you are responsible for caring for, it can often times be overwhelming (we speak from experience!).  There are so many needs, at all times, that sometimes sleep can be overlooked when other pressing things take precedence (eating, learning, activities, etc.).  We recognize that coordinating not only our own adult schedules, but also those of each baby/child that we have, can be incredibly time consuming.  No matter what age child/children you have, we at Sleepy Cues love looking in from the outside and coordinating these schedules for you.  We can combine the sleep needs of all children of your family and match them up in a way that will allow you to have time for yourself and also give your baby/toddler/kiddo the rest he/she needs.  

We also know that self care can often be overlooked as a parent of young kids (also speaking from experience!).  If you are constantly struggling against your kids to sleep, there is rare time to care for yourself (read a book, take a shower, spending time with your spouse, etc.).  Take time to outline your personal family rhythms that you do have in place, and those that you desire to have for your family.  After writing everything down, you will be able to see more clearly where sleep might be getting sacrificed and how you can make more time for your children to sleep.  Here's to a healthy nights' rest! 

Photo by: Kimberly Noel Photography