Fall Back: The Inchworm

There are a couple of different ways to tackle baby/kiddo sleep when the clocks fall back next Sunday, November 5th, 2017!  Today, we will share about how to use what we like to call the “Inchworm” method.  We all dread the early morning wake ups, so this method is one that you can begin starting Thursday night, November 2nd.  Beginning Thursday night, inch bedtime back by 15 minutes each night.  If your babies’ usual bedtime is 7pm, then inch back to 7:15pm Thursday night.  Friday night, inch back to 7:30pm, and 7:45pm on Saturday night.  By Sunday night, you will be at your new 7pm (old 8pm).  You can also adjust the morning wake up time by 15 minutes as well to keep in sync with he schedule.  Stay tuned for our “Rip the Band Aid” method on Thursday!